Coming together at Saint Paul University to share experience and knowledge and meet leaders and professionals from a cross sector audience to build a common agenda for the future of doing good in our community.

The LOS partners welcome you to the 8th annual Community Conference. The one day conference is an excellent and affordable opportunity to draw upon and share in the strengths, best practices and capacity of Ottawa’s non-profit sector. Participate in workshops that develop skills and knowledge, highlight innovative models of practice, identify emerging issues and raise awareness of available resources for local community agencies and partners – suitable for front-line-staff, managers, volunteers, executive directors and board members.

The objectives are:

  • Learning new skills and building understanding and awareness of social social enterprise, business mapping, effective use of social media, economic development through social enterprise, leadership strategies, volunteer management, building a culture of philanthropy, developing community, using fundraising analytics, and the evolution of social enterprise.
  • Exploring creative ways to diversify and increase funding for your mission
  • Building a social enterprise as a means of generating income
  • Ensuring diversity on boards and
  • Building other necessary skills for doing good in our community.

Why Attend?

Join us, May 30, for a day full of learning, inspiration, and action as we bring together over 140 local leaders and professionals from a cross sector audience to learn from our successes for the future of doing good in our community. This year’s agenda will include a range of workshops on various themes related to organization capacity building and identifying opportunities and shared goals through interactive workshops including:

  • Strategic building mapping
  • a range of workshops on learning about and undertaking social enterprise
  • how to succeed in local and traditional media
  • Community Economic Development
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Building partnerships for strong communities

What’s in it for you?

This conference is your “how-to” guide to social finance and social enterprise:

  • Not for Profit/Charitable Organizations: Gain a better understanding of new tools to leverage for sustainability of your organization, including leadership strategies, social finance, new business model ideation, and change management.
  • For Profit: Be part of the movement for impact and gain an understanding of integrating social impact measures into your organizational decision making processes.
  • Public Service: Learn how the public sector can contribute to supporting non-profits in innovation through social enterprise, building strong organizations, policy and more.

Who should attend?

To be successful in reaching our objective, a diverse network of attendees is needed including representation from

  • Non-for-profits, charities
  • Foundations
  • Public Sector
  • Social Ventures, Co-ops,
  • For-Profit & Nonprofit Entrepreneurs
  • Market Builders, Financial Institutions & Corporations


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